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The Third son

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The Third son
By Julie Wu
Retail Price $24.95
Amazon Price: $17.46

Book Description: 

In the middle of a terrifying air raid in Japanese-occupied Taiwan, Saburo, the least favored son of a Taiwanese politician, runs through a peach forest for cover. It’s there he stumbles on Yoshiko, whose descriptions of her loving family are to Saburo like a glimpse of paradise. Meeting her is a moment he will remember forever, and for years he will try to find her again. When he finally does, she is by the side of his oldest brother and greatest rival. In Saburo, author Julie Wu has created an extraordinary character who is determined to fight for everything he needs and wants, from food to education to his first love.

A sparkling and moving story, it will have readers cheering for a young boy with his head in the clouds who, against all odds, finds himself on the frontier of America’s space program.


This book is set in occupied Taiwan during WWII.  It  takes us through World War II, the Nationalist invasion of Taiwan and the resulting effects on the Taiwanese people.  The plot is very intriguing and actually quite enlightening.  I was pretty ignorant on this terrifying part of Taiwan’s history and can only imagine what they must have gone through as the Chinese Nationalist Army takes control of the island.

The main character of the story is Saburo, the least favorite son of a Taiwanese politician Saburo is a character you fall in love with and are eager to follow his well told story until the end. It is a beautiful love story and a lesson in perseverance, hard work and that you can achieve anything. I couldn’t put it down.

~Reviewed by Chris A.

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