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The Spirit of Gin

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The Spirit of Gin
By Matt Teacher and Greg Jones
Cider Mill Press
Retail Price $24.95
Amazon Price: $19.50

Book Description: 

The ultimate guide to today’s exciting gin revival with a nod to the spirit’s rich history, featuring a comprehensive review of gin distilleries, ingredients and accoutrements, distilling methods, cocktail recipes, international bar guide, and creative contributions from industry leaders.The Spirit of Gin is a comprehensive and entertaining illustrated guide to the classic spirit, with a sharp focus on the modern gin revival led by innovative craft-gin distillers, new ingredients and infusions, and growing interest in bars across the United States and overseas. The book details the colorful history of gin from its invention in eighteenth century London to today’s worldwide resurgence; provides detailed coverage of the methods, ingredients, and accoutrements of modern makers and purveyors; gives coverage to popular gin bars and classic cocktails with eclectic sidebars and interviews; and provides a complete catalog of commercial and craft distilleries worldwide.


In this book the author takes us on a colouful journey through gin’s history and its intersection with culture: from its origin, through wars, world exploration, and global trade, to the Dutch Golden Age and the Roaring Twenties, to its current renaissance in the cocktail world. The urban, gritty tales are as entertaining as they are informative, involving intriguing characters.  I particular found his interviews with mixologist and gin club owners around the globe enlightening and intriguing.   This is a must-read for those who loves gin: it’s not just a geeky companion for nerds, but a truly enjoyable history for anyone who favors this spirit.  And the delicious recipes included are an added bonus!

~Reviewed by Rich W.



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