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The Speedlight Studio

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The Speedlight Studio
By Michael Mowbray
Amherst Media
Retail Price $34.95
Amazon Price: $23.73

Book Description: 

In this book, Michael Mowbray shows readers how to set up a completely speedlight-based portrait photography studio. He goes in depth regarding gear and techniques, providing photographers with scores of example portraits and lighting diagrams to make it easy to follow along and replicate the portrait lighting effects that he shows. Readers will learn about selecting speedlights (Mowbray covers Canon, Nikon, and third-party units), learning standard operations, and working with the units on the camera’s hot shoe (a connectivity device on top of the camera) or in the periphery for more flexible, controllable results. Readers will learn why modifying the light from speedlights will produce a lot more bang for their buck and will also discover a host of tools—commercial and DIY—that can be used to change the direction, color, and quality of light for the ultimate artistic control.


The Speedlight Studio by Michael Mowbray is a must read for Amateur and Professional Photographers alike. An easy read, full of applicable images and diagrams provides the reader with a complete guide to Flash Photography. For the camera enthusiast the author covers the basics of lighting, provides direction as to what gear to use and the choices you can make with budget in mind. For the professional there is plenty of information within the book to take your flash photography to the next level. Flash modification, Portrait Lighting concepts, Manual vs ETTL, specific lighting for specific looks to name a few. The image examples and diagrams help bring the text to life. Seemingly endless examples of light modifiers and the looks they provide, and examples of finished composites and the lighting used to create them.

~Reviewed by Dave O.


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