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The Ones They Left Behind

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The Ones They Left Behind
by Antonio Elmaleh
21 Cent Imprints
Retail Price $19.95
Amazon Price: $16.65

Book Description: 

The Ones They Left Behind is a sweeping, riveting, historically accurate account of post-Civil War America told through the journey of Harriman Hickenlooper, a Union veteran who sets off on a one-man peace march to heal the wounds of a bitter and divided country by retracing his steps on Sherman s March to the Sea. This time, instead of carrying a gun, he will carry a flag. Instead of marching for war, he will march for peace and find a reason to live and love again.


This is a very well-written historical novel that takes you back in time to post-Civil War America during the Reconstruction period.  The story has many plots and sub-plots and there are many twists and turns to keep you interested and your emotions will run the gamut.   At first sight you think this book is merely about one man’s journey in search of personal redemption, but the novel acutally encompasses so much more.  The author did his research and describes the period well.  It was a very enlightening and enjoyable read.

~Reviewed by John C.

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