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Star Trek – The Art of Juan Ortiz

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Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz

Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz
By Juan Ortiz
Retail Price:  $34.95
Amazon Price $26.76

Book Description: 

What if every Star Trek: The Original Series episode was a movie event? What would the movie poster look like? This was the inspiration to develop a one-of-a-kind set of images for the series that launched a franchise. Artist Juan Ortiz has created unique retro-style art with the look of a 60s movie poster, comic book, pulp novel cover or advertisement, one each for all 80 episodes.

About the Artist

Juan Ortiz is an avid Star Trek enthusiast and an accomplished artist that set out to create an art program representing each of the 80 episodes from the Star Trek: The Original Series. The artwork embodies his passion for the series, the transformational Sixties, and the visceral reaction generated from each episode.

Since 1985, Juan has been an illustrator/designer for Disney and Warner Bros. and has penciled covers for DC Comics’ Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons magazines. He is also the publisher of his own comic book series, Silver Comics, seen in the Disney/Dreamworks release I Am Number Four (produced by Steven Spielberg) as well as The Skull Army, a macabre/detective pulp, featuring his creation (named) The End.


If you are a Star Trek fan, this book is a must-have!  The artwork is really well-done.  The retro look of the posters really bring you back in time.  It is really quite the collection of this very talented artist.  The posters are well-presented and the quality of the book is top notch.  The weight of the paper heavy, giving each poster a great feel as you thumb through. My copy is proudly displayed on a table in my living room. 

~Reviewed by David H.

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