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Review Policy


As lovers of books, we are happy to hear from authors and publicists about review opportunities.  We have several reviewers that post reviews to this site along with our sister sites.  Many times, we also post our reviews on and as well.

We are willing to review books in almost any genre, but prefer books that are “family friendly” and not sexually explicit.  We also encourage self-published authors to submit books for review as we love to help promote the “little guy”.

Due to the number of books we receive,  we cannot promise to post a review, but we do our best to get the books our network of reviewers in a timely manner.

Our usual turnaround for a book review once received is about 1 month, with the exception of blog tours and special requests. We do send out an email that includes a link once the  review has posted.  We usually  post reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and as well.  We usually only post positive reviews.  We are  more interested in promoting books that we feel have value and will be enjoyed then giving negative feedback on a book that might just not be our taste but other will like.  Therefore, if you don’t see your review posted on the site, we probably didn’t like it, but feel free to contact me to check up on the title.

If you are interested in having us review a book or have any other questions, please email us at

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