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Miss Brenda and the Loveladies

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Miss Brenda and The Loveladies
By Brenda Spahn and Irene Zutell
Retail Price $19.99
Amazon Price: $14.82

Book Description: 

For Brenda Spahn, entrepreneur and businesswoman, wealth was a lifestyle—until a brush with the law threatened to send her to prison. In those dark moments, Brenda made a promise to God.

Spared incarceration, a renewed Brenda glimpsed into the lives of women serving time in one of the worst places in America—the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka, Alabama.

What she saw prompted a God-inspired vision.

With a heart to help and a will that couldn’t be crushed, Brenda fought the system and overcame tremendous obstacles to take ex-cons into her own home and help them navigate the alien world of life on the outside.

This is the story of Brenda’s journey from rags to riches to redemption. It’s the story of the first unlikely year of her “Whole Way House” and of the extraordinary lives of the first seven women who came to call her “Miss Brenda.” It’s a story that testifies to the power of faith and how God changes hearts every day.


If we look deep within ourselves, I think we find that most women want to make a difference in their sphere of influence.  Sometimes it takes a “near miss” to get us there.  That is exactly what happened to Brenda Spahn.  In this book she shares her journey of how God has worked in her life and helped her to help others.  Spahn is truly an inspiration to all women. Not only does she succeed she lets you know that there will be obstacles to overcome, but you can and will succeed if you keep your priorities in order, putting God first.   No good thing in life comes easily, but through perseverance to follow a God-given  dream, there is nothing you can’t do and no one’s life that you can’t touch. The book is very well-written and evokes many emotions; it had me laughing and crying and turning the page for more.

~Reviewed by Allie B.

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