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Lacan: In Spite of Everything

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Lacan: In Spite of Everything
By Elisabeth Roudinesco
Verson Books
Retail Price $24.95
Amazon Price: $18.60

Book Description: 

Jacques Lacan continues to be subject to the most extravagant interpretations. Angelic to some, he is demonic to others. To recall Lacan’s career, now that the heroic age of psychoanalysis is over, is to remember an intellectual and literary adventure that occupies a founding place in our modernity. Lacan went against the current of many of the hopes aroused by 1968, but embraced their paradoxes, and his language games and wordplay resonate today as so many injunctions to replace rampant individualism with a heightened social consciousness.

Widely recognized as the leading authority on Lacan,  Élisabeth Roudinesco revisits his life and work: what it was – and what it remains.



Jacques Lacan, was a French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, a controversial figure in the field, who gave yearly seminars in Paris from 1953 to 1981, influencing many leading French intellectuals in the 1960s and the 1970s. Lacan’s ideas had a significant impact on critical theory, literary theory, 20th-century French philosophy, sociology, feminist theory, film theory and clinical psychoanalysis. They also had a definite influence on the author, who shares what she learned from Lacan by researching and studying his life. This book contributes an important piece to the puzzle in understanding this great man.  While I wouldn’t characterize it as an easy read, I feel it is an interesting one.

~Reviewed by Charles C.


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