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By Shelly Shepard Gray
Avon Inspire
Retail Price $12.99
Amazon Price: $10.35

Book Description: 

A young Amish couple gets a second chance at love in New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray’s final book in her Return to Sugarcreek series.Randall Beiler is doing his best to put his family and the farm’s needs first, even forsaking love. But though he tries, Randall knows he needs help caring for his younger siblings and keeping the house together.When his brother offers pretty Elizabeth Nolt a job taking care of the house and cooking for the family, Randall is furious—and guilty about the way he once broke Elizabeth’s heart. But when he learns that Elizabeth and her grandmother are struggling to make ends meet, he knows the offer, no matter how painful, is the right thing for everyone.

Elizabeth wants to refuse—to stay far away from the man who hurt her—but she needs the money. Though she vows to protect her heart, spending time in the Beiler household makes Elizabeth realize that, while she’s older and wiser, her love for Randall still burns strong.

Randal, too, seems to want something more. But does he want Elizabeth because he truly loves her—or because he needs a housekeeper? If Randall sincerely wants something more, he must find a way to show Elizabeth—or risk losing his chance at love forever.

Joyful includes a P.S. section with a letter from the author, discussion questions, and a teaser from her next book.



This is another wonderful addition to the Sugarcreek saga and author Shelley Shepard does a fantastic job with this third novel in the series.  The impact of first impressions is well demonstrated by Shepard’s delightful collection of characters You will find healing of broken lives, miraculous transformations, faith and friendship in this book that can stand alone even without reading the two before it. While not a typical Amish tale, the heartwarming scenes, family values and convincing characters still make the reader a part of the story.

~Reviewed by  Allie B.


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