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God’s Dream for You

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God's Dream for You: Finding Lasting Change in Jesus

God’s Dream for You
By Matthew Banrett

Thomas Nelson
Retail Price: $14.99
Amazon Price:  11.95

Book Description: 

Readers from all backgrounds identify with how difficult it is to change. But not everyone understands the special struggles for those trying to break free from addiction, abuse, and habitually bad choices. These people know that willpower alone won’t work. In God’s Dream for You, pastor Matthew Barnett shares true stories and testimonies of people whose lives hit rock bottom. But through the guidance and direction at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, where they learned about the power and love of Jesus, these brave souls broke free from their bondage and now live brand-new lives.

Discussing several key topics such as the surprising first step to real change and the secret to making change last, this book is an excellent resource of hope and inspiration for those who, whatever their situation, want to discover God’s dream for their life.


This book is all about change.  Change is scary for many people.  Even if the change is positive, it is sometimes difficult to leave what you know for something else…even if it is better. This book impacted me deeply.  I, myself, find change a scary thing.  The life stories shared here gave me encouragement to embark on my own journey and I am grateful for it.

~Reviewed by David H.

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