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Glory Days in Tribe Town

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Glory Days in Tribe Town
by Terry Pluto and Tom Hamilton
Gray & Company
Retail Price $15.
Amazon Price: $14.36

Book Description: 

Relive the most thrilling seasons of Cleveland Indians baseball in recent memory! Remember the excitement of those first years at Jacobs Field? When it seemed the Indians could find a way to win almost any game? When screaming fans rocked the jam-packed stands every night? When a brash young team snapped a forty-year slump and electrified the city?Those weren’t baseball seasons, they were year-long celebrations.

Step back into the glory days with sportswriter Terry Pluto and broadcaster Tom Hamilton as they share behind-the-scenes stories about a team with all-stars at nearly every position . . . a sparkling new ballpark . . . wild comeback victories . . . a record sellout streak . . . two trips to the World Series . . . and a city crazed with Indians fever.

Revisit baseball’s most fearsome lineup: Albert Belle’s mighty swing and ferocious glare . . . Jim Thome’s moon-shot home runs . . . Omar Vizquel’s poetry-in-motion play at shortstop . . . Kenny Lofton’s exhilarating baserunning and over-the-wall catches . . .

These two Cleveland baseball veterans were there for it all. Now, they combine firsthand experience and in-depth player interviews to tell a rich, detailed story that Tribe fans will love.


What a fantastic book for baseball fans!  The authors help you relive the “glory days” of the Cleveland Indians from 1994-1997  through narrative, interviews, collected letters, old columns, personal stories, and more.  Each chapter can be read independently, so you can skip around reading in the order of your own personal preference, which makes it  a great coffee table book or one to leave in the bathroom.  It is a wonderful look inside the Indians clubhouse.

~Reviewed by Adam B.


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