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Double Strike

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Product Details

Double Strike (A Davis  Way Crime Caper- Volume 3)
By Gretchen Archer
Henery Press
Retail Price:  $15.95
Amazon Price:  $13.93

Book Description:

Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way knows three things: Cooking isn’t a prerequisite for a happy marriage, don’t trust men who look like David Hasselhoff, and money doesn’t grow on Christmas trees. None of which help when a storm hits the Gulf a week before the most anticipated event in Bellissimo history: the Strike It Rich Sweepstakes. Securing the guests, staff, and property might take a stray bullet. Or two.

Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way has three problems: She’s desperate to change her marital status, she has a new boss who speaks in hashtags, and Bianca Sanders has confiscated her clothes. All of which bring on a headache hot enough to spark a fire. Solving her problems means stealing a car. From a dingbat lawyer.

Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy Davis Way has three goals: Keep the Sanders family out of prison, regain her footing in her relationship, and find the genius who wrote the software for futureGaming. One of which, the manhunt one, is iffy. Because when Alabama hides someone, they hide them good.

DOUBLE STRIKE. A VIP invitation to an extraordinary high-stakes gaming event, as thieves, feds, dance instructors, shady bankers, kidnappers, and gold waiters go all in.


I have never read any books in this series before.  I know that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but honestly, this book was stand alone and I enjoyed it immensely.  Davis Way has enough on her plate right now – family troubles, work troubles, personal issues.  With all her personal turmoil, she is then thrown into a murder investigation that involves going under cover and a need for a speedy resolution.   This is a great adventure/mystery that uses a lot of humor to lighten the situation.  The characters are colorful and interesting and the plot intriguing.  It was a great read.

~Reviewed by Allie B.

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