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Daughter of the King

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Daughter of the King: Growing Up in GanglandDaughter of the king
By Sandra Lansky and William Stadiem

Retail Price $26.00
Amazon Price: $18.94

Book Description: 

Sandi Lansky Lombardo grew up the only daughter of mob boss Meyer Lansky. Raised in upper-class Jewish splendor, first at the Majestic Hotel and then at the Beresford, at finishing schools and fancy stables, Sandi was the wild child of the late 40’s, the 50’s, and the early 60’s. She was the Paris Hilton of her day, partying till dawn at El Morocco and the Stork Club, dating the biggest celebrities of the era. Her life was not without heartbreak and tragedy, including the insanity of her mother, and the crippling handicap of her baby brother – not to mention his drug addiction.

Sandi was privy to her father’s secrets as well as his unexpected tenderness. She always stuck closely to the strict code of omerta. In Daughter of the King, Sandi teams up with Nick Pileggi (author of the seminal Wise Guy, perhaps the best-selling mob book ever) and multiple time New York Times Bestselling writer Bill Stadiem. Nick has made a career in books and films chronicling the mob, and Bill has emerged as a master of recreating the glamour and romance of the golden era of American culture with bestsellers like Mr. S and George Hamilton’s Don’t Mind if I Do.


This is a great book, very well written by someone who lived all her life with Meyer Lansky,  the biggest man in the Mob. While there has been a lot of stories written about the Mob, this book is unique in that it was written by someone that grew up in a Mob family, being sheltered from what her Father really did for a living until well into adulthood.  This perspective makes for an interesting read.  We get to view organized crime from a very different light.  You also get to peek into Sandras life – her successes and failures and her constant pursuit of happiness, that she never could grasp.  It was an interesting read for sure.

~Reviewed by Tom M.

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