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Brave Strong and True

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Product DetailsBrave, Strong, and True
By Kate Hendricks Thomas
Innovo Publishing LLC
Retail Price:  $13.95
Amazon Price: $10.46

Book Description:  Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance is a practical call to health for America’s modern military warriors and those who support them. Right now, what we hear repeatedly about veterans’ mental health isn’t always positive and is often far from accurate. With a unique blend of personal narratives and current research, author Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas explores this question: what if we could train America’s service members to success in mental battles as we do in physical ones? This book unpacks the possibility of mental fitness training programs that bulletproof the psyche and shift the paradigm from treatment to resilience. In an accessible and inspiring way, this Marine-turned-PhD outlines clear strategies – including social support, self care, and spiritual practice – for readers to meet the challenge of living purposeful lives. Her research offers a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance for veterans, their family members, military commands, mental health professionals, and everyday citizens who identify with the title “warrior.” Resilience can be trained and cultivated in all of us.


The author brings to light a very real problem that has been facing veterans for over 40 years…how to mentally prepare for meeting life’s challenges out of the war zone.  I don’t think this issue is one that many people think about, unless they are in the military or related to someone who is.   In reality, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders  are  common mental health problems faced by returning troops.   About 11 to 20% of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been diagnosed with PTSD and 30% of soldiers develop mental problems within 3 to 4 months of being home.  With these stats, Thomas’ book is a godsend for many.  Within its covers the author explores ideas for strategies and programs that will help veterans enter civilian society and lead healthy, productive live.   This book offers hope and  I highly recommend it.  It is indeed a game changer.

~Reviewed by Jason C.

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