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BEDLAM: A Baby Blues Collection

By Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

Andrews McMeel
Retail Price $18.99
Amazon Price: $11.39

Book Description: 

For more than 20 years,  Baby Blues has tickled and reassured overwhelmed parents. With Darryl and Wanda MacPherson’s constant state of upheaval in parenting Zoe, Hammie, and Baby Wren, fans can recognize their own real-life Baby Blues moments.

Now in an annual, treasury-sized book, Baby Blues brings you another year of life with the MacPhersons. Often-befuddled Darryl and always-overworked Wanda manage to parent precocious Zoe, ornery Hammie, and Baby Wren while still keeping their senses of humor and sometimes even sweetness. In this collection, Zoe decides it’s time for her to take karate lessons, Wanda declares she needs some time for herself and joins a book (wine?) club, and Hammie discovers the joys of a zip line. Mostly calm Wanda finally reaches her breaking point of asking the kids to clean up, unleashing a new force of nature to the comic strip: the Tsumommy!


This book can’t help but make you laugh. It is so original. The strips are funny and well-drawn, and as a mom, I can totally relate to the daily adventures of Darryl and Wanda. If you are parent, or a grandparent, you will totally get where this writer is coming from. I can laugh now, cause my kids have kids!

~Reviewed by Sandy H.

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