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A Plain Man

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A Plain ManA Plain Man
By Mary Ellis
Harvest House
Retail Price $13.99
Amazon Price: $10.12

Book Description: 

Bestselling author Mary Ellis offers an engaging new standalone Amish romance about a prodigal seeking to find his way home.Though Caleb Beachy lived in the Englisch world for some years, he is a Plain man at heart. When he decides to return to the Amish lifestyle, he moves back home and goes to work for his father. Soon these two strong-willed men find themselves at odds. Caleb discovers there’s more to embracing his faith and reconnecting with the community than merely driving a horse and buggy and giving up Levis.

Josie Yoder was just a girl when he left. All grown up now, she gives Caleb hope for the future. She soothes his frayed temper and is determined to remind him that while his faith may have wavered, God never left his side. Caleb is tempted to return Josie’s feelings, but the choices he made while away are a heavy burden on his conscience. Will past mistakes end up destroying their fledgling romance? Or will she be able to break through the wall around his heart?

A Plain Man is more than just a sweet romance centered in Amish beliefs. It’s the ever-fresh story of a wounded heart finding joy, health, and healing in God’s infinite grace.


This is a story of a young man who has lost his way and then made his way back to his simple life and faith.  Not without struggle, I might add.  This book is an encouragement to us who do not have a pristine past, reminding us that God knows us just as we are and loves us anyway.  It also focuses on forgiveness of others, yes, but also for our own past mistakes. Of course this book has romance and the character of Josie is sweet, yet strong, and a life-line to Caleb.  All in all it was a touching tale of love and forgiveness and a sweet romance.

~Reviewed by Sally M.

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