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A Band of Sisters

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Band of SistersBand of Sisters
By Cathy Gohlke
Tyndale House
Retail Price $13.99
B& N Price: $10.99

Book Description: 

New York City, 1910
Driven by a shameful past and a perilous future, Maureen O’Reilly and her sister flee Ireland in search of safety, liberty, and opportunity. But after surviving the rigors of Ellis Island, Maureen learns that their benefactor has died, and his family—refusing to own his debt—casts her out. Impoverished and in danger of deportation, Maureen connives to find employment in a prominent Manhattan department store, only to discover the elegant facade hides a dangerous secret.

Despite her family’s disapproval, Olivia Wakefield vows to honor her father’s promise but can’t find Maureen, the woman her brother-in-law so rudely turned away. Unexpected help comes from a local businessman, who Olivia dares hope will become more than an ally, even as she fears the secrets he’s hiding.


All I can say is WOW!  What a powerful story.  This is fiction with a purpose.  Cathy Gohlke’s goal of this book was to make us aware of the history of white slavery and to awake our hearts to become involved in the abolition of human trafficking in our world today.  That certainly happened for me.

While the plot of this book was full of “unlovely” events, the author wove a tale of desperation turned to hope.  The main characters were so life like and endearing (or frustrating as the case may be!)  While Maureen was doing all she could to protect her thirteen year old sister, Katie Rose did all she could to spurn her care and protection, almost to her own demise.

The moral of this story is that when people ban together much more can be accomplished than when we stand alone.  And even though things may not work out as we’ve planned, it doesn’t mean that God isn’t in it.  He is at work whether we see it or not.

This was a fantastic historical fiction novel that will inspire the reader to do what they can in their own sphere of influence!

~Reviewed by Allie B.

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