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 TigerTiger (General Military)
By Thomas Anderson
Retail Price $29.95
Amazon Price: $21.43

Book Description:   One of the most feared weapons of World War II, the Tiger tank was a beast of a machine which dominated the battlefields of Europe with its astonishing size, speed and firepower. Today it continues to fascinate more than 70 years after it was first designed and a comprehensive, illustrated history such as this is long overdue. Revealing its design and development history, Thomas Anderson draws upon original German archival material to tell the story of the birth of the Tiger. He then analyzes its success on the battlefield and the many modifications and variants that also came into play. Illustrated throughout with rare photographs and drawings, many of which have never been published in English before, this is a unique history of easily the most famous tank ever produced.


The Tiger tank is the most famous tank of all time. When it first appeared on the battlefield, Allied forces were overwhelmed with the sheer size of the machine. This book has so much information in that it is astounding.  There were also many photos that I’ve never seen before, so I was very pleased. The author also offers great insight into the practice of combat leadership, highlighting the value of coordination, planning, and training in military operations.  I strongly recommend this for all serious Tiger tank fanatics.

~Reviewed by Dave H.

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